Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spectacled Skylark

Oh, dear. I didn't know you wore spectacles.


While this bird perched on this signpost, her head was flat like the photo most of the time.  Male Skylarks have their crests up all the time.  Behaviorally, this individual is more likely to be a female.  Males rarely perch near the ground in the breeding season.  They are up in the air singing frantically!

Skylarks (Alauda avensis) came back to their breeding ground.

Hello, Skylark! I'm so glad to see you again in the meadow.  This individual seemed to be a female, because she did not raised the crest often.  Most of the time, her head was flat.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Snowshoe tracks

I guess I should conclude the snowshoe track story....(I know it's mid-May already).  The snowshoe footprints I was following continued for some distance, maybe about 200 to 300 meters.  Finally, I realized that the track was running along the power lines, sidestepping at times to circle round the towers along the way.  The track must have been that of one of the maintenance people of the electric company.  I wonder how often they have to climb mountains to check power lines and towers in the midth of the severest of winter.  It should really be a hard work.  We ought to be thankful and pay respect to those dedicated people for the maintenance of our power supply.

They seemed to have to walk strictly along the power lines.

Encountering the wildlife such as Grizzlies, wasps, or poisonous plants may be their challenges in the other seasons.