Monday, January 24, 2011

A small shrine and squirrels (2)

He is probably saying, "Don't forget to throw some coins in the donation box and some peanuts for us." I had neither.

A smalll shrine and squirrels

It has a few visitors from time to time... Like a pair of squirrels.

A small shrine within a shrine.

Interestingly, there is a small shrine along one of the paths. It is a small shrine within the big Hokkaido Shrine. I don't know how it came to be built there. It stands in tranquility, as very few tourists come down here even though it is only 300m from the main shrine.

Hokkaido Shrine(7)

There are several paths in the shrine premises, which are really nice to stroll around all seasons. I like to walk along these paths particularly in winter and mid-summer: for beautiful constrasts between snow and the dark green of conifers and very open view in winter and for the cooling effects of shading lush trees in summer.

Hokkaido Shrine (6)

It seems they can't do without snow removal vehicles, either.

Hokkaido Shrine (5)

The main shrine.

Hokkaido Shrine(4)

This is what the "wash basin" looks like. You are not allowed to soak hands directly in the water.

Hokkaido Shrine(3)

You have to wash your hands before standing before the enshrined. Did I wash my hands? NO! It's too cold out there. Besides, I didn't go there to pray or anything.

Hokkaido Shrine (2)

Another view of the entrance gate, photographed from the inside. The sign says "Watch for falling snow (from the roof)"

Hokkaido Shrine

Last week, I visited Hokkaido Shrine in Sapporo, which is the largest Shinto shrines in Hokkaido.
I went there mostly to see birds and squirrels, as the shrine is surrounded by nice wooded areas.
Although it was a weekday, there were many many visitors, tourists and photographers. The photo is the main entrance gate to the shrine, not the shrine itself.