Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rain drops (1)

I think rain drops are overlooked most of the time.  We don't pay much attention to their beauty.   We are often too occupied not to get wet, I guess.  They are just drops of water but if you start to observe them closely, I'm sure you will start to see the marvels of nature. Rain drops come in a variety of shapes, through which light is reflected beautifully.

Rain drops (2)

Rain drops are transparent and beautiful like crystals.  The difference is that they take many shapes, reflect everything around them.  They also encapsulate everything within. 

Rain drops (3)

We tend to stay inside on rainy days and give up on nature watching all together.  But there is something beautiful that we can never see on sunny days.  To me, rain drops are the gifts of such seemingly gloomy wet days.