Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Barn Wall Paintings

Since last year, I have been seeing new paintings on the barn walls in Ebetsu.  I found out recently that they were painted by the art club students at Rakuno Gakuen University
http://www.rakuno.ac.jp/news/200911/news65.html .  The bright colors of the huge wall paintings stand out beautifully in the countryside of the city.  Enjoy!

The making of a wall painting.  The girl seemed have painted it all by herself.

The painting was completed with a cat, a rabbit, a heart and a star.

                                              This one was also painted by the girl above.

Corns are the major crops grown here as well as wheat, rice and leafy vegetables.

  Sunflowers are grown at the end of the harvest season and plowed in as                                            green manure.  The flowers are the symbol of their eco-friendly agriculture.

                                    This painting says you need to take 350g of vegetables a day for vitamins.

                                            The owner of this barn must be a cat-lover!

       According to the website shown above, the students and farmers are going to create more barn
     wall paintings in the near future.